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 Values of a Care Co-operative:

what these mean to us 


In working with the  parents of the young people we shared the values of the Co-operative movement and asked them to define what these meant to them.


The values are key to the development of a co-operative and this exercise was part of the process of identifying what matters to us individually and collectively and will inform the way we will work together to set up care co-operatives


These are the values identified by the Co-operative movement and underpin the development and practice of any co-operative including a care co-operative. The comments below are the things we identified in our discussion in session 4 of the family programme on the 22nd February 2018.  We will be revisiting the values with all the participants later in 2019.

Caring for others

Offering friendship and support in times of need/stress, sharing knowledge with others and valuing others and who they are



Developing resilience

Being responsible


Some people need more help than others to get to the same point

We all have different skills and things to contribute

Responsibility for self

Instil in ourselves as much responsibility as we can

To have choice


We know our own lives, bodies situations


Fairness in outcomes/benefits

All equally valued

Respect for others - as they are 


Supporting each other

 Sticking together

Give & take

Acknowledgement - taking time to account for each other's emotions

Holding a space for eachother

Social responsibility

Care about wider society

Challenging barriers to empathy

Making a meaningful contribution to social care


Being able to speak plainly

Nothing should be off-limits to discuss


Sharing our experiences in common - and our varied stresses with empathy and understanding

Identifying common goals

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